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NBU Bath Botanicals

NU•GARDEN Yoni Cleanser


NU•GARDEN is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cleanser and true Castile Soap formulated with NUMÏ Yoni Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Colloidal Silver and Vitamin E. NU•GARDEN is a gentle, unscented vaginal and perineum cleanser infused with an organic herbal blend that seeks to keep the pH balanced, reduce and prevent minor irritations and inflammation of the vulva. For external use only.

This product is a light and creamy lather, meaning it will not produce a lot of bubbles. Lather with water between hands before applying to Yoni. Formulated with natural and organic ingredients. This soap will separate, shake well before use.


Saponified *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, NUMÏ Yoni Oil, Colloidal silver, 100% Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, *Proprietary Herbal Blend, Vegetable glycerin, Vitamin E (Tocopherol), unscented


Do not introduce water to this product. Formulated without preservatives.


Dampen skin and pump soap into hands. Lather with water before applying to Yoni. Rinse well and towel dry. Moisturize with NUMÏ • Yoni Oil.


NBU Bath Botanicals are made with naturally derived ingredients, which in some cases may cause sensitivity in certain individuals. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately. Products and recommendations by NBU make no claim to treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical problem and is not intended to substitute other therapy or medical advice.


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NU•GARDEN Yoni Cleanser