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There’s a special beauty and healing experience in taking a Nu or Full moon bath. One of our favorite ways to honor ourselves during the Full or the Nu moon is by Ritual Bathing.

Water is incredibly healing on a Physical, Emotional and Spiritual level. A ritual moon bath acts as a calming agent for your Mind and Body, essentially an energetic reset. It cleanses your aura, purifying and repelling negative energy as well as promoting self healing and spiritual connection. Bathing during any cycle of the moon is a perfect time to unwind, reflect on where you’ve been and set intentions for where you are headed. Soaking in a warm, fragrant botanical bath has the ability to instantly improve your mood while cleansing your personal energetic field.

Traditionally used as a spiritual cleansing ritual, a Moon Bath allows you to release unwanted energy, wash away energetic grime that you have accumulated and recharge your spiritual being. Taking the time every month to reset and release all that has built up within us during the cyclical phases of the Moon can be very healing and therapeutic. It also keeps you in sync with nature and highlights how astrological influences affect us in our day to day lives.

Moon bathing is the perfect time to release what no longer serves us and what cannot come with us into the next cycle. Nu moons in particular are a great time to set intentions for where you are headed, helping you to manifest your needs and desires. Manifestation begins within, it is essential to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit regularly so you are able to attract and manifest your highest good from a clear vessel.

Taking a Full moon bath not only provides you with an aura cleansing and energetic reset, its also soothing for your mind, body and spirit. A Full Moon bath tunes your frequency, raising your energetic vibration as it amplifies with that of a Full Moon. Bathing during these significant transits may also assist in protecting you from various energies and entities that are not of your own.
Incorporating water tolerant, healing crystals into your bath takes your self-care to the next level. They ground you with the quality of the Earth as you are suspended in the element of Water. Healing crystals charge and raise the vibration of the water, amplifying the energy of the moon. We suggest adding the elements Air and Fire by lighting candles, incense, frankincense, sage or palo santo which cleanse the element of Space, setting the tone for self-care.
Our Holistic Bath, Body, Beauty + Wellness products are handcrafted with a variety of herbs, clays, salts and oils with their own spiritual and therapeutic qualities. These healing properties are released once they come in contact with the heat and warmth of the water.
Shop NBU Bath Botanicals for the best quality Herbal, Handcrafted Products. Always made intuitively with love + the highest intentions.