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We are a Divine reflection of Nature, and we mirror Nature as we move through similar phases and changes. The phases of Plants, the Moon and Seasons show us that there is a time and a place for everything under the Sun. To die and be reborn. To be planted and to sprout. To unlearn and relearn. The essence of dual nature. The one thing we can expect and depend on is change.

  • Do you have the ability to be flexible and adapt to the changes that are inevitable?
  • Can you shape-shift with your seasons?
  • Do you honor your healing processes?
  • Are you self-accountable and do you take responsibility for your overall well-being?

Honoring your process looks like being patient with yourself, knowing that self-care and a journey toward self-love begins with and inside of you. It is more than a hot bath, clay mask or an aesthetic. It looks like having discernment, exercising boundaries with others, practicing spiritual privacy when necessary and nurturing your inner child with bless•ED and enlightening shadow work. Honoring your process requires you to choose and commit to yourself, on all levels. It requires you to believe that you have the power and ability to transform your existence. To improve your quality of life one day at a time. One step towards your personal liberation is a step taken in the right direction, towards your highest destiny.

NBU is in the business of truth, authenticity, and accountability for self. Being honest with yourself about where you are internally, and getting out of your own way so that you can see yourself clearly, in Nu lens. Have the courage to shape and design your own reality.

Everyday is a Nu day to choose YOU. Look yourself in the eyes and meet yourself for the first time.