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NEBŪ Ether is a collection of All-Natural, Hand-Dipped and Loose Incense. All incense are DPG-free, made in-house, hand dipped in natural fragrance and essential oils.

The burning of flowers, herbs and plants is an ancient ritual of purification and energy clearing. Burning incense may aid in gaining meditative focus, enhancing mood, reducing stress and anxiety with aromatherapy, and may be used ceremonially in conjunction with prayer and ritual.

ETHER is the 5th element believed to fill space, representative of stillness and that which contains and holds. The synergy of all of the elements Fire, Water, Air + Earth and the essence of interconnectedness.

Ether is the element that connects us with spirit, our Higher selves and other realms, planes + dimensions.

This collection is brought to you with love from NEBŪ Wellness.