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NBU Bath Botanicals began with intentions to encourage us to be mindful of what we put on our largest organ, our SKIN, and how what we apply on the outside affects us internally. Our intentions are to support you in making healthier choices, keeping your beauty and wellness routines simple yet effective. We utilize Earths natural remedies, ancestral guidance, and the inspiration of ancient cultural beauty rituals, formulating our products with the highest quality organic, wildcrafted, fairly trade raw materials. These materials include salts, clays, oils, butters, herbs, flowers and resins from various regions.

NBU Bath Botanicals is an Oil + Clay Based, Holistic Bath and Beauty Brand founded in 2018 by Artisan, Nubia. Nubia created NBU Bath Botanicals to integrate her love of nature, beauty, self-care and intentional spiritual bathing. She handcrafts all products with love.

NBU Bath Botanicals is where WELLNESS meets BEAUTY. We aim to inspire you to develop your own personal care routines and to lead a holistic, natural lifestyle. What we contribute is deeper than beauty. We integrate wellness into our business model by offering Herbal Teas + Infusions, Womb Wellness products + Postpartum care, as well as educating on Holistic Wellness, Gardening, Detox Bathing and Herbal Detoxing. We reconnect with Nature, the elements and our higher selves when we give ourselves access to the magical, WHOLE BODY healing experience that spiritual bathing has to offer us.