Herbal Foot Soak 'Rooted'
Herbal Foot Soak 'Rooted'
Herbal Foot Soak 'Rooted'
Herbal Foot Soak 'Rooted'

Herbal Foot Soak 'Rooted'

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8 oz: makes 2-3 Foot Baths

Great for routine self-care or after a long day on your feet, our Herbal Foot Bath has been crafted to assist you in expelling toxins from the body by drawing them out through the feet. When you warm the soles of the feet/lower leg you open the pores of the body and induce sweating. Soaking your feet in Epsom salt reduces stress, removes toxins from your body known to cause pain and inflammation, and allows for the absorption of magnesium which is released when Epsom salt is dissolved in hot water. 

'Rooted' is also blended with 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, a safe and effective detox. Soaking the feet in Bentonite clay is a highly beneficial method for detoxification of heavy metals and impurities due to its alkaline pH and high negative ionic charge.

Perfect for the elderly, or those who are otherwise unable to soak in a bath.

There are many benefits of Foot Detox Therapy. A few of them include:

  • Detoxification by eliminating built up toxins and metals in the body
  • Increases energy, improves overall health and well-being
  • Offers immune support
  • Supplements the body with more nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Balance body and foot ph, reduce over acidity

All salts, herbs, resins, clays and oils have been selected for their individual detoxification benefits.


Magnesium salts, 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, Baking Soda, Cayenne powder (Capsicum annuum), *Ginger root (Zingiber officinale), *Rosemary leaf (Rosmarinus officinalis), *Thyme leaf (Thymus sp.), *Sage leaf (Salvia apiana), Frankincense resin (Boswellia sacra), House essential oil blend 


How to Use:

Draw yourself a foot basin of warm-hot water. Sit in a chair where your feet can reach the ground and submerge as much of your feet as possible into the water, taking precaution of the temperature. Pour your herbal foot soak into the water, stirring the salts with your hand to dissolve them. Take in the aroma of the herbs and essential oils and allow the salts to ground you. Soak your feet for 20-30 minutes. After your foot soak has ended, moisturize your feet and put on some socks!


NBU Bath Botanicals are made with naturally derived ingredients, which in some cases may cause sensitivity in certain individuals. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately. Products and recommendations by NBU make no claim to treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical problem and is not intended to substitute other therapy or medical advice.

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