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Warming the womb, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, promotes healthy progesterone levels, endometrial lining and circulation within the womb. A WARM WOMB is a nurturing, nutrient rich environment with adequate circulation to grow and sustain a fetus. Increases in basal body temperature occur in the second half of the menstrual cycle due to the production of progesterone. These increases in basal body temperature have been found to prepare the body for potential implantation, thus improving the chances of conception.

If you are a person who is always cold, has trouble getting and staying warm you may be experiencing Yang deficiency. Kidney yang disharmonies may result in aversion or extreme sensitivities to colder temperatures. Hands and feet that are always cold, coldness and clamminess of the skin, weak knees, back and joint pain during colder seasons are also signs of Yang deficiencies. Yang deficiency can also be a primary cause of subfertility.

Keeping a warm womb encourages overall reproductive health, improves chances of fertility (now or long term) and balances the CHI energy within your body and womb chakra, therefore putting you in direct connection and alignment with nature.

A cold womb can be the result of trauma, an unbalanced root or sacral chakra, spiritual or emotional detachment, depression, anxiety, diet, lifestyle or habits. Cold tightens your muscles, slows energy and blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. A warm womb space is essential to our feminine divinity and connection with spirit on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

It is ideal and still important to warm your womb space even if you have had womb surgery or hysterectomy. If you have experienced trauma of any kind, recurring infection, have an unbalanced root chakra, experience spiritual or emotional detachment, difficulties with intimacy and connecting with others, depression, anxiety, poor diet or irregular bowel movements, yoni steaming and womb warming may be beneficial to you.